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What is Direct Primary Care? (DPC)

I founded DeSorbo Health and Wellness as a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice realizing that there surely is a better way to deliver high-quality direct medical care than what the existing corporate system offers. With Direct Primary Care, what is in the best interest of our patients is our true direct primary care focus.

One-to-one, I’d like to help you navigate the diagnosis, treatment, and continuing care of medical issues you may experience – and map action strategies with better wellness programs like guided weight loss and IV Therapy.

Please call me anytime to discuss your medical needs and thoughts for healthful living.


With DIRECT PRIMARY CARE, a subscription-based model has been developed in which you pay a low monthly fee for membership. This DPC subscription from DeSorbo Health and Wellness includes various comprehensive healthcare services and visits, including house calls. It also covers all your visits with no co-pays and no hidden fees. Ever. Direct access via cell phone, text, and messaging is included in the subscription so you can speak to me when you need to.

Memberships start at $75 a month. Direct Primary Card provides increased access to healthcare for everyone, and because there is no requirement to have insurance to participate, the prices for patients with and without insurance are the same.

Do you take insurance?

DPC practices do not take insurance. Insurance limits our ability to treat you with the time and care you require. You pay us directly and we eliminate the middleman. This allows me to provide greater access to care and my  services can actually be much more affordable. You will always have upfront pricing, and will never receive an unexpected bill in the mail. Our goal is to put our patients at the top of the healthcare pyramid, not under it!  Ask questions! I look forward to developing a one-to-one relationship with you.

Where do you service patients?

I offer home and office visits, telehealth calls or appointments at my office at 36 Welles St Suite 250, Glastonbury, CT 06033 (across from Whole Foods).

What Services Do You Offer?


Learn more about each service offering by selecting the option below.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Simply call me directly at (860) 368-0862 or fill out this short form and I’ll personally review your situation and schedule your visit with your best interests firmly in mind.

Do you offer consultations?

I offer everyone interested in the great benefits of Direct Primary Care and DeSorbo Health & Wellness a free, 15-minute no-obligation initial consultation. It’s the best way to begin developing a healthy relationship, and I invite you to schedule a call with me by submitting a request.

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Nick DeSorbo
Direct Primary Care & Treatments

As a dual board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, the focus of my practice is to provide personalized Direct Primary Care services to patients of all ages at the time and place that best suits their health and wellness needs.

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Direct Primary Care
It a whole new approach to personalized healthcare. 
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Urgent Care

Urgent care house calls, when you most need medical care.

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Medical Weight Loss

Personally designed and supervised weight-loss programs that really work.

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IV Therapy

Helping you get healthier from the inside out.

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Men's Health & Hormone Therapy

Specialized treatments for men. Because you’re different than women.

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Women's Health & Hormone Therapy

Specialized treatments for women. Because you’re different from men.